Diary is everyone’s desire to write and preserve memorable moments, celebrations, achievements and everyday activities. Our traditional practice is to use a printed diary. Although, paper diary is a convenient and easier way of writing, have its challenges. A paper diary has limited storage (but our thoughts have no limits), a new diary has to be replaced every year and safe storage is another tough task. Sharing our achievements and feelings with selected friends and family members is not possible unless their physical presence is with us.

We, at Diary Store, have realized your inconvenience and have come up with a solution called E-diary. E-diary is paperless, waterproof, eco friendly, and moreover offers the users an unlimited room to store their unlimited thoughts. E-diary is the solution to bulky and unsecure paper diaries, photo albums, and video storage gadgets. Every registered user can store endless memories in writings, pictures, and videos in an easy and secure electronic way. Diary can be written and updated at any time and from any part of the world when online. We also sensed the needs of intellectuals to plan their everyday’s precious time to spend with. Business e-diary allows every executive above 25 years of age to plan their schedules and sends reminders as per the requirement. With e-diary you never miss your loved ones anniversaries, birthdays, and important meetings.

Diary Store has three choices of E-diaries such as EDUCATIONAL, PERSONAL and BUSINESS. PERSONAL E-diary can be accessible all aged groups, BUSINESS E-diary can be accessible to above 25 years age groups and EDUCATIONAL E-diary can be accessible under 25 years aged users. Users can create an e-diary every year with a new cover photo and description. Once created an e-diary, user will get options to write and store. Each E-diary has its own specified tag titles such as breakfast, lunch, exercise, sleeping, funny, sickness, party, shopping etc., to represent the occasion. Education e-diary has transportation, kid’s progress, exams schedules, teachers’ recommendations and remarks, funny moments with friends, holidays, homework and many more. In the same way, a Business e-diary has precise activity tags such as action plan, meetings, expansion plans, and milestone etc. All categories of e-diary have same options for uploading photos, videos and documents. User can handle upload, remove and download options to manage all attachments. Stored e-diary contents can be edited at user’s interest.

Diary Store has another option for elderly and present paper diary users to update their previous years’ paper diaries in the form of text, document, and scanned copies, since 100 years.

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